How To Care For Your White Pet Finches

There are many animal creatures that are interesting to keep as pets, such as, dogs, fishes, birds, as well as many others. Talking about birds, white finches are the easiest birds to care and handle as pets. However, there are plenty of things to do in order for finches to be healthy like any other animal in your home. Relatively, finches are warm birds that bring happiness and joy to their owners when they are properly fed, housed, and cared for. However, there are some pointers that you should consider in handling pet finches.

•    Take advice from reliable avian veterinarians. It’s not difficult to acquire birds like finches; however, there are many factors that you must take into consideration before taking a pet finch to your home as your new found pet. There are trustworthy avian veterinarians that you could contact and inquire about important information of your new bird. These people are very welcoming and open with their ideas and facts about birds. This consultation should be done as a prevention method so your pet finch does not get ill in the future. Avian veterinarians will be of great help in order to avoid and/or restore the health of the bird if any illness does take place.

•    Secure a spacious cage for your pet bird. Despite the fact that finches are petite birds, there is a need to purchase a large cage so that your bird has a spacious area for them to perch on and fly at the same time. This feature will also give the birds a healthy environment to live in. Inside the spacious cage there should be an ample supply of food, natural tree rests, and water for the purpose of drinking and bathing. The area should also be convenient for quick clean up.

•    Provide your white pet finches healthy foods. It is always good to see and observe your pet finches in their healthy state. That is why you must feed them a healthy food diet. These foods should include large white proso millets, canary seeds, and small yellow finch millets. It is necessary to soak the canary seeds in water for a brief period of time and place it in a small paper towel to allow the seeds to sprout. This process helps your pet finches sustain good health. A well balanced diet food recipe is: 1/2 parts of both canary seed sprouted and large white millet, and four parts of small yellow millet.

•     Separate your white finches from the rest of the other finches.  Since your finches have lived with you for sometime now, your birds might bully new acquired pet finches if they are placed in the same cage as the others. For this reason, it is best to separate your previous finches with your new ones. Try to have your new finches checked with a veterinarian and have them undergo quarantine for a period of time. This ensures that no illnesses will affect the rest of the finches if your new finches are harboring any sicknesses. If there are signs of poor health, have them cured as soon as possible so the illness does not get worse and harm the rest of your finches.

Your white pet finches’ look stunning when there nails are clean and cut because they have such a wonderful appearance and are pallid in color. The best treatment you can give your bird is by surrounding them in a good environment and giving them proper care.  Doing this, you will have every bird lover envious of your finch family.