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What You Need to Know About Gouldian Finches

Gouldian finches are one of the most beautiful among finches and birds around the world. They’re multi-coloring makes them look very attractive and extremely breathtaking.
Also known as the Rainbow Finch or Painted Finch due to its many colors and patterns, the Gouldian Finch isn’t a very social creature…at least not to human beings. They are [...]

Finch Cages – A Few Basic Reminders

Finches love to fly. So in case you have finches at home but don’t have space, means to build an aviary, or your collection of finches are too small, then it would be impractical to have an aviary built.  However, you can opt for purchasing your finches a deceit sized cage.
If you like to breed [...]

How To Care For Your White Pet Finches

There are many animal creatures that are interesting to keep as pets, such as, dogs, fishes, birds, as well as many others. Talking about birds, white finches are the easiest birds to care and handle as pets. However, there are plenty of things to do in order for finches to be healthy like any other [...]

Zebra Finch Breeding

Zebra finch breeding is quite simple from making sure the environment is comfortable and safe enough for the birds, to their proper diet.
Both mother finch and father finch help in the nest process to make it comfortable and a temporary home for their younglings. The father finch will pick up pieces of string or grass [...]

Finches Aviary

People particularly fond of finches that want to have their own finch aviary may build one at home. However, before actually building your aviary, there are a few things to consider including the safety of your birds and how you can minimize time and effort in maintenance.
One of the very first things to consider is [...]

Finches for Sale

If you are a bird lover and are particularly looking to have a pet finch, you won’t have to worry because finches, along with other talking birds (like the parrots), singing birds and birds with colorful plumage, are among the most sought after pet birds in the world today. In other words, finches for sale [...]

All about the Finches Nest

Finches are quite fun to watch. One of their fun activities that amuse lots of bird lovers is when they’re building their nests. The male finch goes out repeatedly to gather materials to build a nest for their babies. He comes back with these materials and shows them one by one to his partner, the [...]