Parrots and Parakeets Are Out …

Finches Are In!

 Learn All You Need to Know to Care for Your Pet Finch in The Amazing World of Finches

Dear Bird Lover:


When you think about pets, does your mind naturally go to a dog or cat? Mine did too until I found out some great information about birds.

And not just any bird.



I’ve always been fascinated by finches and love watching them outside my kitchen window. Especially the male gold finches … when they molt and lose their winter feathers, they turn such a beautiful shade of yellow/gold.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find it interesting that it’s the male finch that’s more brightly colored and flashy, not the females. What a twist of nature that is!


But finches aren’t just wild birds. They’re also …



A Great Indoor Bird That’s a Perfect Pet!



Okay, you may be thinking, “How the heck am I going to get a finch inside and then get it in a cage?” Well, you aren’t. You can buy finches just like you can buy a parrot or parakeet – and a finch requires far less hand holding (or should that be foot holding?) than they do.


And these little guys are perfect for small space living. If you’ve recently downsized from a house to a condo or an apartment, a finch is a great alternative to a dog – and doesn’t need twice-a-day walks!


Yet, like any pet, you’ll want to do a little research first.


And that’s why I wrote The Amazing World of Finches. You see, when I became interested in having a pet finch I looked high and low for a guide I could follow. And I wanted it to be in language I could understand with tips I could easily apply.


Know what happened next?


I struck out. There wasn’t anything online that fit what I was looking for. And that’s when I decided to offer my insight into these terrific little creatures so you wouldn’t have to go through what I did.


5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Finch


There are 5 key things you’ll want to consider before buying your new feathered friend:


  • Age – Getting this wrong could be a critical issue for you. Find out what I recommend before it costs you time and money. And there’s one important question you’ll always want to ask before laying your money down.


  • Trait – What is it that attracts you to finches? Color? Singing ability? Knowing what you like best will best pair you with a bird you’ll love.


  • Illness – This is most important when buying a finch from a pet store. Check out my 6 warning signs on page 21 so you’ll pick a healthy friend.


  • Location, location, location – No, I don’t mean buying real estate! Pet stores aren’t the only places to buy finches and in The Amazing World of Finches I suggest a great alternative.


  • History – Just like an AKC dog, you’ll want to know as much about your finch’s history as possible.



Okay, so you’re sold on having a finch as a pet. Now …

Which Finch is Best?


For my money there are 3 species you’ll want to look at. They are:


  gouldian finchGouldian Finches – These little guys have the most vibrantly colored feathers of all the pet finch possibilities. One thing you’ll want to make sure to keep in mind, though, is that they don’t like temperature swings so you’ll want to keep an even temperature in your house.


  zebranfinchZebra Finches – The zebra is one of my favorite finches of all time. Why? Because they like human company the most. The zebra finch is a native of Australia and comes in a wide variety of colors so there’s something for every member of your family.


  bengalese finchSociety or Bengalese Finches – This type of finch is an easy going, laid back sort of bird. They do very well in captivity and have been known to be excellent foster parents to other, more rowdy finches.



Like any pet, there are some things you’ll have to deal with when raising or training a finch and you’ll succeed far better and faster than others when you have all the right information at hand.


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The Birdie Bible at Your Fingertips


As a former dog and cat owner, I thought birds would be great because I work long hours and didn’t want the stress – or guilt! – of leaving a dog or cat at home for long stretches of time. I also didn’t want to come home and have to clean up a mess or have the expense of hiring a dog sitter/walker just because I got stuck in a late meeting at work.


Here are just a few of the tips, tricks and techniques you’ll learn in The Amazing World of Finches:



  • Feeding – While finches are seed eaters at heart, there are also other staples you’ll want to introduce into their diets to make sure they live a long and healthy life. Fruits and veggies are two of the finch’s favorite things – page 12 gives you a laundry list of the options available – in addition to live insects. A balanced diet is just as important to your finch as it is to you.


  • Knowing Your Finch – Besides temperament and food needs, you’ll want to know more about molting (and why it’s vitally important to the health of your bird!) as well as breeding and mating habits. (page 25)


  • Housing and Care – The size and placement of your finch’s cage are important to his comfort. I have a minimum cage size recommendation as well as suggestions about the best place to put it. The cage serves 4 important objectives … get these wrong and you’ll have a funky finch! (page 36)


  • Communication and Interaction – Have you ever been someone’s whole world? Well, even though birds aren’t as needy as dogs or as clingy as cats, they still require human interaction especially if you’re going to train them properly. There are some hard and fast rules to follow for a happy relationship. (page 41)


  • Training – Did you know there are 3 levels of domestication for finches? There are! You’ll want to go for #3, I assure you. (page 42)


  • Grooming – From bathing to trimming claws to snipping beaks, this section will give you everything you need to know to keep your bird looking beautiful. (page 43)


  • Health and Disease – You know the saying that knowledge is power? Knowing how to manage your finch’s life will keep it happy and healthy for years. One of the things that may be a bit difficult at first is learning how to spot signs of illness.


You see, birds in the wild naturally hide signs of ill health because they don’t want to be attacked by a predator. In fact, a bird that looks ill has probably been that way for quite a while. There are 7 common illnesses and I explain all of them in The Amazing World of Finches. (page 46)


One way to keep your finch healthy is to sanitize her cage, dishes and toys regularly.


Here’s a crucial 3-step action plan:


o   ID the Symptoms: Look for these initial warning signs:


 §  Problems eating
§  Irregular sleeping patterns
§  Excessive feather loss
§  Sound of clicking


o   Your First Line of Defense: Knowing which illnesses you can handle and which need to go to an avian specialist


o   The Birdie Medicine Cabinet: There’s a list of 18 important items to make sure you have on hand to be able to treat anything that comes up


o   And much, much more!

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The Best Way to Breed Your Finch & Earn – Breeding finches is incredibly easy and a great way to make some easy money! In this must-have book, you’ll learn …


  • The 5 key steps for breeding

  • Five things you must know for successful mating, and

  • The 3 big buyer considerations when selling your finch babies


If you decide that The Amazing World of Finches isn’t for you, please keep the book and The Best Way to Breed Your Finch & Earn as my gifts to you.


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And, please, let me know how things are going and feel free to get in touch should you have any questions!


Wishing you a great relationship with your finch,


Grace Hutchings


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Tame Your Finch in 3 Easy Steps – It is not only possible to tame a finch but that domestication can lead to years of happy interaction between you and your finch. This bonus book gives you the inside scoop on the 3 best ways to achieve domestication:


  • Level 1 -- The gentle approach works best – Learn my tricks to getting your finch to relax and be comfortable with you in its new environment.


  • Level 2 -- Caged or free roaming? – This is a question many new bird owners ask me so I’ve answered. You must take some important steps before letting your finch have some flight time in your home. Miss these steps and you could end up with a frightened bird.


  • Level 3 – Hand contact -- This last stage is the most rewarding because it brings you and your finch in close contact. By learning some basic voice commands, your new friend will come to you and eat out of your hand. But you need to know some important steps before this happens!


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